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Mortgage Mantra is not affiliated with any lender. We do not sell you any loans. Mortgage Mantra provides tools that deliver unbiased help. Realize your dream of home ownership and save hundreds of dollars by choosing the right mortgage, and tracking it after purchase with Mortgage Mantra.

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Main Screen
Amortization Table

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Kamran R
  Financial Calculators for the lifecycle of your mortgage

Loan Calculators : Fixed Rate, ARM, Intrest Only, Piggyback, Bi-Weekly
Property Checklist & Property Search
Affordability Calculator
Closing Estimates and Budget Sheet
Additional Payments & After Tax
Refinancing Calculator
  Other features

Report Builder
Property Comparator
Amortization tables and graphs
Save and Print capabilities
Exhaustive help and notes
Tips on types of mortgage
Glossary of mortgage terms
IRS, HUD and 'Realtor' documents